Soviet Invasion of Poland, September 17, 1939

We were completely disoriented, we had no idea about the Ribbentrop-Molotw pact.  We did not know id they  [The Soviet army]were coming to join us in our fight against the Germans or if this was a new attack.  When we started to fight and the Soviet planes started to drop bombs on us, it became clear what was going on […..]

-Stanislaw Matkowski, Polish Army Officer whose unit was stationed on the Polish-Soviet border in September, 1939

It became apparent that all that was needed was an initial attack of the German Army and, after that, the attacke of the Soviet [Army]; in order to leave nothing of [Poland] this monstrous bastard of the Treaty of Versailles…

-Wyacheslav Molotov, Soviet Prime Minister in his speech to the Supreme Soviet On September 31,1939 about the German-Soviet invasion of Poland

See video below (an excerpt of a much longer film):


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  1. Avatar
    • EdMahn
    • February 18, 2019

    Sadly in all Major conflicts the spoil go to the Beasts with the Biggest Teeth. Poland was set up by the US, UK and the Soviets all controlled by Jews 100% The Germans had flick these International Thieves in 1933. This is why Germany in 3 short years became so wealthy. The rest of the Central Bank controlled countries were in deep recessions. Only Germany by 1939 was living the Life. The conflict that forced the Germans into action was a Jewish Hit Job on a radio station. The Jews have been conducting similar style operations around the world for a very long time , they are Experts in this field. Because they control 96% of the Global Media , it’s only their version of the story that ever gets going. Hitler was truly Mad thinking his people could defeat the World , just Insane stuff.

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