December 6, 2022
Book Reviews

The Warriors, by Harold Zissman

Reviewed by Jan Peczkis

This Jewish Source Affirms the Germans, and Not the Poles, as the Main (or Even Sole) Killers of Jedwabne’s Jews

The author writes, “Later on, some Jews who had fled Jedwabno [Jedwabne] for Derechin told us when the Germans first entered their town, they had herded all the Jews into a barn and set it ablaze. Anyone who tried to get out was cut down by machine-gun fire. Now, standing in lines in the church courtyard, we heard a German tell us in perfect Russian that anyone trying to escape would be shot.” (p. 42).

For another Jewish source that affirms the Germans, and not the Poles, as the main killers of Jedwabne’s Jews, see Mr. Jan Peczkis’ review of: DELIVERANCE, by Michael Maik:

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