June 10, 2023
Book Reviews

Highly-Influential Anti-Polonism: Schindler’s List, Maus, Shoah, Painted Bird, Holocaust TV Series. Why Jewish Polonophobia (34 Books Reviewed by Jan Peczkis)

Prominent Jewish Polonophobes: A Who’s Who.

Israeli Teenagers’ Inculcated Polonophobia.

Jewish Superiority: The Root Cause of Jewish Anti-Polish Attitudes.

How Anti-Polonism Was/Is Confronted: Examples.

Polish Achievements: A Remedy for Polonophobia.

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Highly-Influential Anti-Polonism: Schindler’s List,Maus, Shoah, Painted Bird, Holocaust TV Series. Why Jewish Polonophobia
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Jan Peczkis

Published with the author’s permission.

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