Jewish Economic Dominance of PreWWII Poland (46 Books Reviewed By Jan Peczkis)

  • Jews Forced Into Commerce—A Myth.
  • The Middleman Minority Theory.
  • Jewish Economic Advantages.
  • How Jewish Economic Habits Harmed Poles.
  • Jews: Smuggling, Profiteering, and Tax Evasion.
  • Jews Greatly Inhibit the Emergence of a Polish Middle Class.
  • The Jews and Pariah Capitalism.
  • Why Roman Dmowski Stood Up To the Jews.
  • Boycotts of Jews Were Entirely Reasonable.

* * *

For quick-overview, click below to see the PDF. When It opens, click repeatedly on the Screen Enlarger [the Plus Sign (+)].



Jan Peczkis

Published with the author’s permission

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