Property Restitution, the Holocaust Industry, and Poland: 75 Books Reviewed by Jan Peczkis

Understanding the Tactics of the Holocaust Industry [This Page]

Two Can Play the Game: Polish Restitution Counterclaims Against Jews [p. 79]

Post-Jewish Properties: Owners Have Changed Many Times! [p. 92]

Not Poland: Nazi Germany and USSR Each a Nation of Thieves [p. 96]

Looting, Grave Robbery Are Common War-Related Behaviors, Not Polish Villainy to Jews [p. 101]

An Acute Housing Shortage: Phony Indignation About Jewish Survivors Not Welcomed By Poles [p. 146]

Unused Jewish Communal Properties (e. g, Cemeteries) Are Repurposed–But So Are Everyone Else’s [p. 162]

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