July 16, 2024
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Former German Concentration Camp Guard On Trial For Murder Of 5,230 Prisoners

The trial of a former Nazi prison guard has begun, on charges that he was an accessory to 5,230 murders at a German concentration camp in occupied Poland during World War II.Bruno Dey, 93, has claimed he had no idea Jews were being murdered in the Stutthof camp near what’s now Gdansk, where he began working in 1944. But he admitted at trial that he saw Jews taken into gas chambers at the camp, heard their screams, and on at least one occasion, “I didn’t see anyone come out,” he testified.

Dey has grumbled that the trial has “destroyed” the final years of his life.

Twenty survivors of the camp are co-plaintiffs in the case and have attended the trial with relatives since it began late last month. More than 65,000 people died at Stutthof.


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