Pawel Kukiz about the overrepresentation of Jews in the communist security apparatus in Poland between 1944 and 1956.

While speaking on TV station, Pawel Kukiz, the leader of Kukiz 15 non-partisan political alliance, asked, “why aren’t we talking about what happened from 1944 to 1956 when the entire security service was overrun by the Jews?” “Overrepresentation does not adequately describe the situation.”
Paweł Kukiz also referred to this issue on his Facebook, while recalling the death of a Polish hero, General “Nil”. “Today is the 66th anniversary of the communists’ murder of General August Fieldorf, Nil”, stated Mr. Kukiz. He continued: “He was sentenced to death by the “court” under the leadership of the Jewish judge Maria Gurowska vel Genowefa Maria Danielak, maiden name Zand, the daughter of Moryc and Frajda from the Eisenman family.  The panel of judges included two more Jews – Emil Merz and Gustaw Auscaler, who died in Israel in 1965. The fourth judge was Igor Andrejew, born in Vilnius in a Polonized Russian family.  August Fieldorf “Nil” despite being tortured, never cooperated with the communist authorities.  He paid the highest price for it. Honor his memory. “

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