July 16, 2024

A report prepared by the Polish government in exile in 1942, for the Governments of the U.N. in order to inform and alert them to the mass extermination of Jews being committed by the Germans in the Polish territories occupied by Germany.

The introductory note states:

The purpose of this publication is to make public the content of the note of December 10th, 1942, addressed by the Polish Government to the Government of the United Nations concerning the mass extermination of Jews in the Polish territories occupied by Germany, and also other documents treating on the same subject.

In the course of the last three years, the Polish government has lodged a number of protests with the governments of the civilized countries of the world condemning the repeated violations by Germany of International Law and of the fundamental principles of morality since September 1, 1939, i.e. since Germany’s aggression against Poland.

[….]  In recent months these persecutions have been directed with particular violence against the Jewish population, who have been subjected to new methods calculated to bring about a total extermination of the Jews In conformity with the public statements made by the leaders of Germany.

The full document:

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