June 17, 2024
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Poland Should Deliver a Crushing Blow to the Holocaust Industry


Nas Podchodza: O Mieniu Pozydowskim w Polsce,

by Krzysztof Balinski. 2022

Reviewed by Jan Peczkis

THE JUDEANS ARE STALKING US: ON POST-JEWISH PROPERTY, is the title of this hard-hitting Polish-language book. It surveys the Holocaust Industry’s ongoing extortionist targeting of Poland. Balinski is a political scientist and an experienced former diplomat.

Many Holocaust survivors live in poverty. Very little of the windfall that Israel got from Germany in 1952 (Luxembourg Agreement) was delivered to Holocaust survivors. (p. 164). Yet the Holocaust Industry has the audacity to make an emotional appeal for restitution, based on the plight of needy Holocaust survivors! How cynical can this get?


In the present book, Balinski gets right to the point, which he summarizes. (pp. 103-104):

When Germany compensated the Jews as a result of the Luxembourg Agreement (1952), the agreement included provision for the restitution of properties that the Holocaust-killed Jews had lost, including those Jewish properties located in German-occupied areas of Europe. Yet now certain Jewish groups are trying to get compensated all over again.

Secondly, the US-Polish agreement of 1960 settled all issues related to the claims of the Holocaust survivors (and their descendants), against Poland (at least those Holocaust survivors and descendants that had become American citizens). BTW, the 1960 Agreement has broader implications than just narrowly applying to American citizens, as argued by some Jews. (p. 198).

Thirdly, Polish courts already deal with the re-privatization of property, both Jewish and non-Jewish, that was once nationalized by the Soviet-imposed Communist government. Jews can avail themselves to these courts just as non-Jews can: Jews have no right to do an end-run around these courts. As a result, Poland has no further responsibility to the Jews, and it is high time that Jewish groups stop pretending that she does.

Finally, all heirless property, by law, escheats to the state. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. [Yet Jewish groups have the audacity to claim that they have (conveniently) “discovered” some retroactively acting tribal rights on these heirless properties, based on their opined “special” nature of the Holocaust, that suddenly trump all pre-existing laws. Ironically if this were so, then all the victims of genocides would have this retroactively acting special right of overturning all pre-existing property-succession laws, moreover so many decades after the genocidal events. Either everybody has this previously unsuspected special right, or else nobody does. No special rights for Jews!]

But so what? Read on:


Again and again, Jaroslaw Kaczynski has assured the Polish people that Poland will not pay the Holocaust Industry because their claims against Poland are not legal. (p. 170). He is either naive, or else he is gaslighting. As a politician, he very well knows, or should know, that international politics is not determined by what is legal but upon who has the power. After all, the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, and Teheran and Yalta, were all illegal, but they happened to Poland anyway.

The Swiss banks case set a dangerous precedent. It showed that monies could successfully be extorted through extralegal means. Contrived Jewish tribal rights, as embodied by self-appointed Jewish organizations, were not only accepted, but also rewarded. [The fact that there turned out to be very few dormant Jewish accounts in Swiss banks, that no evidence turned up that the Swiss were hindering the Jewish reacquisition of their funds (p. 157), and that American banks held most of such Jewish accounts, did not matter.]  In addition, the “got rich off dead Jews” message, now used against Poland, got an endorsement.

The fact that Holocaust Industry claims are not based upon the law is vividly proved by the Israeli policies towards the Palestinians. The Jews feel no moral duty, let alone legal duty, to do justice for the Palestinian properties unilaterally confiscated by the Israelis. (p. 191). There is an additional irony: The Jews seek restitution from Poland for the properties of long-dead Jews, while the Jews simultaneously deny restitution to the Palestinians for the properties of still-living owners! Again, how cynical can this get?


Balinski (pp. 296-297) does not mince words. He declares:

Do not to expect anything from the Polish government, because it is paralyzed in fear and because it just gives unilateral concessions to Jews.

Do not go into the conflict on the enemy’s terms. The “heirless property” bogeyman keeps coming up, and it is high time that the Polish government goes on the attack about this bogus issue.

Break of all negotiations about “Holocaust restitution”. The very existence of negotiations by itself implies that Jewish claims against Poland are a valid issue.

Demand from the government a hard, public, decisive declaration that it will not pay a single dollar to the Jews. This is because if the Polish government is willing to spend 100 million dollars on the renovation of a Jewish cemetery [while devoting only one-tenth of that amount to renovate Polish cemeteries in the former Kresy: p. 67, 70], then it is not too hard to imagine it spending 100 billion dollars to satisfy Jewish “property restitution” claims.

Warn Polish politicians that, if they so much as have a hand in the robbery of Poland by these Jewish groups, they will never get our vote.

Continue the reprivatization, but do so without “consulting” the State of Israel.

Go on the offensive against Jewish accusations that Poland does not want to “come to terms with the past” by paying off the Jewish groups.

Connect the historical offensive with Polish restitution claims against Germany and make use of the power of Polonia.

Conduct the exhumation at Jedwabne without further stalling. The Jedwabne lie is a cornerstone of anti-Polish propaganda, and the falsehoods of Jan T. Gross serve as moral foundation of Jewish “compensation” claims.

Remind the world that the Soviet-installed Communists (Minc, Berman, and Bierut), two of whom were Jews, returned the Jewish property while confiscating Polish property.

Make an inventory of properties sold to the Jews and construct a list of infamy of these sellers. No more government secret deals (e. g, pp. 36-37, 211) on restituted properties.

Stop being so timorous, because this only leads to more attacks on Poles and Poland. Loudly proclaim the phrase of the immortal Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski: NON POSSUMUS (We Cannot!)

There is not a single Polish government institution dedicated to the defense of the good name of Poland. (p. 89). Create one now!

The Jewish Communist U. B. (Bezpieka) functionary gets a hefty pension from the Polish government. The Polish victim’s taxes support this Jewish criminal. (pp. 151-152). End this farce.

For more on the excessively conciliatory attitude of the Polish government towards Jews, see my review of Balinski’s earlier book:



In 1996, Israel Singer of the World Jewish Congress (WJC) declared that Poland will be vilified on the international scene if she does it pay up. (p. 8). That’s old news. In 2011, Menachem Z. Rosensaft, a general counsel of the World Jewish Congress, and originator and director the International Network of Children of Holocaust Survivors, upped the ante. He called for a boycott of Poland. Rosensaft fantasized Poland “robbing” the Jews (in place of Poland’s fully legal acquisition of the property of the dead, something that a top lawyer like him, of all people, pretends not to know). Then, indulging in a cute form of psychological projection, he declared that the Jews should rob Poland, only better. (pp. 29-30). [This kind of tit-for-tat brinkmanship is reminiscent of the global 1933 Jewish boycott of Germany and of Hitler’s eventual retaliation by exterminating Europe’s Jews.]


The Holocaust establishment minimizes Polish suffering. For example, the USHMM (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum) degrades the number of Polish war dead from 3.0 million to 1.9 million. (p. 49).

The film Ida selectively focused on the Poles killing Jews. It also made a heroine of Jewish Communist murderer Helena Wolinska. (p. 62).

The standard dump on Poland is boringly predictable, and Balinski (pp. 8-13) summarizes it in detail:

The mysterious Nazis built the death camps on Polish soil because the atmosphere was so congenial. After the war, Poland picked up right where the so-called Nazis left off. Holocaust-surviving Jews were beaten, robbed, and murdered. This was done intentionally to get Jews to leave Poland–as an act of ethnic cleansing. Even better, Poland has done everything it could to erase the memory of the Jews. All this time, Poland was getting rich off the dead Jews. The WJRO (World Jewish Restitution) to the rescue!

The playbook is familiar. When the Jews got restitution from Germany, they did so on the premise that it is immoral that a murderer should also profit from the belongings of his victims. Now the WJRO is using the same strategy–to convince the world that Poland is a nation of murderers, and that this “nation of murderers” should not profit from the property of the dead Jews. (pp. 102-103). Once again, the Nazi German perpetrator and the Polish victim is–for Jewish purposes–placed on the same side.

However, a formal equation of Poland with Nazi Germany is not needed for propaganda purposes. Instead, there is such a strong emphasis on “collaboration” with “the Nazis” that this “collaboration” becomes, in the public eye, as important if not more important than the Nazi German murder of 6 million Jews. (p. 104). The so-called “Polish complicity in the Holocaust” (whatever that means) is now just as important if not more important than the German-made Holocaust itself.

For more details on the ongoing Holocaust-related smear campaign against Poland, notably that of Poland a nation of murderers that got rich off the dead Jews, see:



The de-Germanization of the Nazis and the shifting of Holocaust blame on Poland are no accident. Those Poles that suppose that there is a formal German-Jewish conspiracy against Poland may not be quite so paranoid after all. Some influential Jews, at very least, have seriously suggested exactly that! In the August 6, 2004 issue of the magazine Forward, Nathaniel Popper openly suggested that the German expellees and the Jews work together to force Poland to pay so-called restitution to both. (p. 16). The descendants of German murderers and the descendants of Jewish victims are now on the same side. I have located the article:


It is right there in print. So, who needs conspiracy theories? If some form of a German-Jewish alliance against Poland does not actually exist, it is not for lack of trying.

Stop Holocaust Industry. Poland Targeted, But Jews Won’t Restitute Palestinians. Nakba (Naqba). WJRO. Who Needs Conspiracy Theories? Balinski

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