June 21, 2024
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A national problem like no other


A national problem like no other

Max Denken

Since 2015, Poland has been under a wide propaganda assault and goodwill sabotage by the Europe-dissolving European Union and Merkel’s Germany’s on one side and, Putin’s dezinformatsiya on the other, with Israel, international Jewish institutions and Jewish media wreaking havoc within that armored encirclement and the West’s mass media and academia’s closing up the rear with frequent salvos of anti-Polish prejudice and obloquy. It all amounts to the “progressive” world’s no-prisoners war on Poland, now aided by a KGB colonel.

Jewish attacks have been a large and integral part of that campaign. Jews have brought into the war effort the potent weapons of “Holocaust complicity,” “mother’s milk antisemitism” (1) and lootism relative to unverifiable “Jewish property,” just as feminists, sexual deviants (2) of all sorts, European Union rulers, psychotically deformed post-Nazi Germans, judicial supremacists, book-knowledge-only academics, Marxist dreamers, Yin and estrogen-infused bleeding hearts and other formations in this giant enemy force have brought theirs.

On the Jewish side, there is the institutional attack over Jewish wartime property, there is a huge international campaign of smearing that affects public opinion, and there are the noisy and much-publicized attacks on any attempt by Poland to defend itself against such charges and not have its history mangled by haters.

Since the Western world is still ruled by the “progressive” brain-altered tribe, and much of it far-left Cultural Marxist, all institutions of society in every Western country are mobilized in this fight, just as they are in their endemic hatred for Donald Trump or for Western Civilization. And so we witness the prestigious School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (EHESS) in Paris organizing a conference in February 2019 under the name “The New Polish School of Holocaust Scholarship” to which just one side in the Poles-done-it debate was invited, the prosecuting one (3).

Profiling the West’s vivisectionists

To appreciate the irony, EHESS is a major French university in a country where Arthur de Gobineau originated the racial antisemitism and Aryan superiority theories that would inspire Hitler, where French-Jewish patriot and army officer Alfred Dreyfus went on rigged trial for alleged treason, where a Nazi-collaborative government ruled the southern part of the country while regular French police with the help of Nazi-allied Milice paramilitaries rounded up tens of thousands of Jews throughout the country and for the entire occupation period and interned them in French police-operated (until June 1943) Drancy concentration camp from which they would be shipped out to Auschwitz. A country where in the 21st century, Jews are being hunted down on the streets with bombs and Kalashnikovs, insulted, jostled and beat up to the extent they are afraid to leave their homes, and all that by the beneficiaries of French universities’ and the rest of French ruling class’s fanatical support for the drowning of France and its Jews in a sea of tens of millions of imported African Muslims.

And that university organizes a conference featuring Jewish and other maligners to blame Poland for its imaginary Holocaust complicity. A country that had no collaborationist government, that fielded half a million people to fight Germany in an underground army in Poland and a quarter million more to fight, among others, for France. A country where there were no Nazi-collaborating units and where tens of thousands of people risked and sometimes lost their lives to help Jews. Where, unlike in France or anywhere else in Western Europe at this time, recognizably religious Jews don’t have to fear for their dignity and life, and thousands of the most visibly Orthodox in 18th century garb fly in every year, walk the streets undisturbed and pay respects to revered rabbis of yore in towns like Leżajsk and Kazimierz Dolny, even when some of the monoethnic, Catholic locals may resent the intrusion of such crowds of foreigners.

While Polish Jews like Jan Gross, Jan Grabowski and Barbara Engelking remain the star prosecution witnesses in such kangaroo courts, with mighty assist from Polish gentiles of the far-left persuasion, at the EHESS conference the “progressive” creed required the inclusion of a black face too, any black face for God’s sake, and that was an African, Sidi N’Diaye, who knows neither Polish nor German yet is sponsored by Jewish interests in the U.S. (4) to lecture on the similarities between the Hutu murder of their Tutsi neighbors in Rwanda and the Poles’ murder of their Jewish neighbors in Poland according to the Gospel of St. Jan Tomasz unchallenged and unverifiable to N’Diaye, though he is a PhD.

We cannot get here into a detailed takedown of the “Polish complicity” sham that was going on in Paris. Various accounts are available in the lying press in all the languages of that part of Europe that’s doing away with itself. To read the other side of the story and understand how the lügenpresse perpetuates the lies, one must, unfortunately for the truth, read Polish. There is a succinct exposé in a letter penned jointly by Poland’s Ambassador in Switzerland, Jakub Kumoch, and Poland’s Honorary Consul in Zurich, Polish Jew and son of Holocaust survivors, Markus Blechner (5).

The authors relay, per accounts and recordings by participants, how the proceedings were geared only toward the accusatory case, with the microphone taken away from people who expressed a contrary point of view. There was repeated invective thrown at the Polish Institute of Remembrance (IPN) and slighting of its two members present, both PhD historians and relevant specialists. They relay about the baselessness of accusations of Polish nationalists’ disruptions of lectures; accusations immediately picked up by the lying press and by French Minister of Higher Education Frédérique Vidal who had not ascertained the facts before firing off a sharp letter to her Polish counterpart.

Incidentally, thanks to Kumoch’s and Blechner’s efforts it transpired that a group of wartime Polish diplomats in Switzerland headed by Aleksander Ładoś with prominent participation by vice-consul in Bern Konstanty Rokicki and counselor Stefan Ryniewicz saved over 3,200 Jews by issuing to them fake Latin American passports (6). There seems to be no parallel “antisemitic” record in the annals of wartime French diplomacy.

Dr. Tomasz Domański, who had written a paper with a wide critique of the errors, slants and misperceptions of the book Dalej jest noc (“And still the night”) by major stars of the EHESS conference, Grabowski and Engelking (7), relayed in his impressions from the conference (8) that he was denied all opportunities to speak, and his colleague Dr. Korkuć, who also tried to challenge multiple untruthful statements of the lecturers, was denied the right to a question on the first occasion, and given an insufficient 5 minutes to speak on the second.

This conference’s “progressive” academic crowd, complaining about challenges to their right of “freedom of thought” denied those of different “thought” the right to speak at the conference. As well, they spread international propaganda that some two dozen Polish diaspora protesters some of whom may have shouted offensive words represent the inveterate antisemitism of the Polish nation and its government.

This is an irony so rich that had Molière been alive and writing, it would have made a smash hit theatrical play about the outer limits of hypocrisy. For the same academic caste that assembled in Paris silences dissident professors and signs petitions against challengers to toxic leftist intersectional ideology such as Prof. Amy Wax at University of Pennsylvania or Prof. Anthony Esolen at Providence College. It’s the same postmodern Cultural Marxist 21stst century’s equivalent of 16th century’s Inquisition that inspires such “wokeness” among its students that numerous universities have a total ban on conservative speakers, and bodyguards have to accompany the brave ones like Ann Coulter, Jared Taylor or even the much milder Ben Shapiro, who dare to come to speak. And even when they do come and begin to speak, the constant loud chanting and riotous interruptions in the audience shut down the lecture inside, and Antifa rules the streets outside.

The academic caste’s other common denominator is that they are inured to the intellectual masturbation of mutated, and always Marxism-informed, forms of French “intellectualism” known collectively as deconstructionism, post-modernism, post-structuralism and several other “posts,” and the resulting Critical Theory and “intersectional” view of the world deeply hostile to Western Civilization and its constituting peoples. Just look up search terms like “Mathematics for Social Justice” or the expulsion of “dead, white” authors from the English Literature curriculums of universities now including even Yale, with such interesting asides as University of Pennsylvania’s English Literature department, with Benjamin Franklin cursing from his grave, replacing the portrait of William Shakespeare with one of Audre Lord, a black lesbian feminist poet.

A place of honor in this tragicomedy belongs to the French father of “deconstruction” and academic superstar Jacques Derrida, (1930– 2004), an Algerian Jew. Derrida’s main task in life was to undermine the rational foundations of the West. His deconstructionism asserts that texts have no ultimate meaning; their subjective interpretation is their meaning. From which it followed that political and moral systems have no meaning, reality and truth have no meaning because of what the Derridan mumbo-jumbo defines as “metaphysic of presence,” norms of beauty and symmetry in art of architecture have no meaning, your gender is what you feel it is, and so on.

The Australian mathematician, architecture critic and polymath Nikos Salingaros summed up Derrida’s “contribution” to Western Civilization as a “lethal virus absolutizing subjectivity and motivated by the will to destroy,” and quoted from Derrida’s writings: “All I have done… is dominated by the thought of a virus, what could be called a parasitology, a virology, the virus being many things” (9).

Salingaros added this diagnosis: “A method to erase knowledge, masquerading as a new philosophical movement, cannot be quarantined within academia. Indoctrinated students eventually enter the real world threatening to create havoc.” (10)

Deconstructionism has infected fields ranging from Architecture to Psychology, and spawned new fields of despoliation of reason, such as Gender Studies. History could not have been spared, of course. Alun Munslow, a pioneer in this segment of the demolition and author of, among others, Deconstructing History (1997), argued influentially that there is no history, only “narratives.” From which it would follow, of course, that your narrative is as good as my narrative, and if you are a nonwhite, non-male, non-heterosexual person, your narrative is more valid than mine. And if you are a traditional Christian on top of that, your narrative is vile and void.

Under the guise of “New historical research” a Critical Theory weapon has been created that serves to kneecap any polity of European-origin people that’s still standing. A Jewish-American commie academic, Howard Zinn, rewrote the history of America in his  A People’s History of the United States as an uninterrupted tale of White injustice, cruelty, racism and oppression—and so created the most potent sabotage tool in the hands of millions of the country’s most “progressive” progressives: the teachers and professors who mold young minds.

“New historians’” and “post-Zionists” such as Ilan Pappe and Uri Ram exist even in besieged Israel, reinterpreting their country’s history as a chain of evil. Israeli academics can even contend that the fact Israeli soldiers don’t rape Arab women proves that they are racist (11).

And so we arrive back at “The New Polish School of Holocaust Scholarship” and its great and uncritical honoring at the EHESS temple to Jacques Derrida, where he used to teach, is greatly missed (12), and basks in series of worshipful lectures (13), even a 40-year EHESS anniversary that was really a celebration of Derrida (14).

How to frame a narrative

To examine just one sample of what both EHESS and its celebration of “The New Polish School of Holocaust Scholarship” are about, we’ll take a look at “The War Between Polish Nationalism and Holocaust History” at Tablet Magazine, April 12, 2019 (15). The author, Jonathan Brent, is a Jewish-American intellectual with a pedigree including PhD in English Literature from University of Chicago and professorship at Bard College. Also, as CEO of the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, he is a bona fide top executive of the Holocaust Industry (16).

Dr. Brent’s introduction frames his interview of Elżbieta Janicka about the EHESS conference of “New Polish School of Holocaust Scholarship,” in which she was one of the featured speakers. Dr. Janicka is a literary historian at the Polish Academy of Sciences and PhD from the University of Warsaw. As well, she has graduated in Modern Literature from Université Paris VII Denis Diderot, i.e. part of what used to be called La Sorbonne, where Jacques Derrida had taught philosophy. Not much speculative thinking is required to divine how Dr. Janicka has come by her post-modern weltanschauung and deconstructionist thinking.

Brent’s portion of the text is unalloyed and largely fanciful Poland-bashing. For him, demonstrations against Poland-looting U.S. Senate Bill 447 are “rewriting the history of the Holocaust.” Bill 447 itself pertains to “Jewish property stolen in the Holocaust” without bothering with pesky issues like defining “Jewish property” or “stealing,” noting German agency in both or acknowledging the published, detailed rebuttals of the bill (17). He describes such demonstrations as featuring “open displays of anti-Semitism in major American cities.” That is illustrated by a large photo of such a demonstration showing no sign of antisemitism, nor is there any attempt to ascertain whether the demonstrations aimed to “rewrite the history of the Holocaust” or express antagonism to Jews, though the organizers’ intentions transpired in detail in advance (18).

The esteemed YIVO Executive Director refers to a “narrative of Polish victimhood in World War II” (19) as though it were the kind of spun-sugar tale like the one blaming Poles for the German Holocaust, or any of some 20 “narratives” such as “white privilege” and “unconscious racism” with which his academic peers have infected the minds of European-origin people. He complains that efforts to qualify or question this Polish “narrative” are met with “furious rejection.” He slams what he defines as a Polish ”strategy for preserving this narrative” that adduces the conduct of Jewish leadership and police during the Holocaust from “out of context” citing from texts written by Jews. For Brent, when evidence of conduct ranging from cowardly to evil is contained in such texts, that reflects “the tragic choiceless choices often made by [Jewish] parents facing extermination.”

True, those were choiceless choices. It is, however, difficult to understand how a man of Dr. Brent’s position could be so oblivious to the choicelesseness of choice for the Poles under German occupation, when not only a whole family but their neighbors too could be exterminated for harboring Jews or assisting them in other way. To assist under those conditions was a sure-death choice made not by the 6992 recognized by Yad Vashem but probably ten times as many, or else there is no way that 100,000 Polish Jews could have survived the Holocaust in Poland (20).

Brent further refers to “coordinated efforts to expunge the historical record of Polish participation in the Holocaust” while ignoring his own efforts to expunge the historical records of Jewish participation in the Holocaust, German “participation” in the holocaust of the Poles, and quite a few other “records”. That way, Holocaust 1 can reign alone in the troubled consciousness of mankind with imputed Polish blame imprinted on it. He is blind to his own “out of context” citation of utterances by Polish antisemites—yes, there are some, as everywhere—in order to smear the Polish nation and its great majority’s anger at such smears.

To be sure, there are Poles, with much postings on social media, who respond to accusations of Polish participation in the Holocaust with accusations of Jewish participation in the Holocaust. That is stupid—but so is the opposite beam in the eye of Dr. Brent. Flaunting the choiceless choices of one side in this debate while ignoring the choicelessness of the choices for the other side may be excused for bigoted simpletons but not for a high-IQ PhD like Brent. That is not the talk of a truth-seeking PhD but of an operative of special interests seeking to fashion an assault weapon out of selected bits of the truth.

Both sides in this debate ought to stop blaming each other for the Holocaust, and start blaming the Germans. The simple truth with universal applications is that the kind of unparalleled mega-criminal conditions and wholesale terror that the Germans forced on Poland bring up the villainy, baseness, greed, sociopathy and cowardice of the worst elements of the subjugated population. It causes “choiceless choices” even in regular folks who want to survive and save the lives of their children, at any moral cost. This applies to mankind as such: Poles, Jews, Thais, Zulus or Danes—had Denmark been devoured from both sides by such murderous enemies as Germans and Soviets were for Poland, and under the same conditions of wholesale genocide and slavery as Poland was.

The ping-pong of each side flinging accusation of deplorable conduct on the other is unseemly for a man with Dr. Brent’s obvious moral pretensions. But to acknowledge the full scale of German terror in Poland and the Poles’ great suffering, people of Brent’s ilk must feel some empathy for the suffering goy; some interest in what Germans did to Poland and the Poles and how that affected what Poles could and could not do for Jews.

That is an empathy they refuse. There is only one narrative that must be maintained, that of Holocaust 1, with only dismissive or hostile references to Holocaust 2.

Like other Jewish attackers of Poland and their “progressive goy” amen corner, Brent evinces another beam-in-the-eye in the matter of his denial of the validity of what he insinuates is a groundless “accusation of Żydokomuna” i.e. allegations of the damage wrought by hugely overrepresented Jews among the communist wreckers of Eastern and Central Europe. This despite an ample factual ground for such accusations based on the very large proportional share of Jews in the formation of the German, Polish, Russian, Hungarian etc. Communist parties, or the 1945–1953 period in Poland in which 1/3 of the top echelon of the Polish commie terror apparatus consisted of Jews (21), in Bolshevik Russia where 20 of 61 ruling Commissars and Vice-Commissars until the late 1930’s were Jews (22), in the German Spartacist Uprising in 1919, and in Hungary, where 19 of the 29 ruling commissars of the Hungarian Soviet Republic (1919) were Jewish (23), including Commissar of War Tibor Szamuely and his murderous “Lenin boys,” and supreme leader Béla Kun, a man so monstrous that after he escaped to the USSR and started working in the terror structure there, Lenin himself fired him for “excessive cruelty.”

Condemning protests against what he deems is “critical thinking” and in reality is Critical Theory thinking in a conference of Poles-done-it Holocaust academics in Paris, Brent yields the interviewee’s chair to Elżbieta Janicka.

Deconstruction as agitprop

Dr. Janicka can’t help but start from the Critical Theory concepts of “dominance and submission,” beloved of and elaborated by post-modern academia’s saint, Michel Foucault, who died from applying the homosexual submission part of that dyad to himself. She repeats “dominance and submission” and other Critical Theory jargon throughout the interview, with expressions like “narrative,” “exclusion,” “dominant ethnoreligious model,” “axiological assumptions” etc. It all sounds authoritative to people who haven’t learned that jargon in a post-modern graduate school.

All this transpires within Jonathan Brent’s very large blind spot, but “more-of-the same” for Poles. In their country, Janicka is infamous for having in her book Festung Warschau likened the fight-to-the-death of Poles during the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 to the fight-to-the-death of the SS in Breslau (Festung Breslau) of 1945, as well as for having smeared the feces of Critical Theory literary “analysis” on the iconic book of Polish underground resistance, Kamienie na Szaniec (Stones for the Rampart).

Written in 1943 by underground Home Army’s soldier Aleksander Kamiński during the German occupation, the book describes the actual anti-German sabotage activities and camaraderie of a small troop of boy scouts most of whom were killed by Germans, some from gruesome torture. The book—hottest clandestine read of occupied Warsaw—meant to commemorate the youthful heroes and transmit their ideas of brotherhood and service. But not for Janicka. To her, two young men’s manifestation of brotherly love, solidarity and loss in the face of death are a sign of homosexuality (24) that the “myth of the youthful fighters” has suppressed. Prominent Polish journalist Piotr Skwieciński placed this Janicka “insight” within the “industry of deconstructing Polishness” (25).

Beating on the Poles for the German Holocaust is an even more important part of that industry, and not only because the Poles are largely Catholic patriots who refuse to be inundated by “post-modernism” or by imported millions of African and Middles Eastern Muslims, but because Germany, having psychotically switched polarities after Hitler, is the champion of that inundation and of other forms of the West’s suicidal “progress.”

Once you have hitched your wagon to the train of the god of deconstruction, any license you take with history, literature, art and all other activities of man is allowed. And so, for Janicka, even the little Catholic shrines in the backyards of apartment buildings in occupied Warsaw were votives in thanks for the German slaughter of Jews (26).

Brent starts the interview by asking Janicka whether she was “shocked” by “Polish anti-Semitic demonstrations in the U.S.” and she responds that no, not at all. After all she has fought “anti-Semitism in Poland.”

Fighting antisemitism is a worthwhile endeavor, if done with scrupulous concern for the truth. The problem is that that there were no “Polish anti-Semitic demonstrations in the U.S.”

There may have been a few individuals at those demonstrations injudicious enough to use pejorative words to express their anger at the Jewish institutions-instigated robbery of Poland, baked into U.S. Senate Bill 447. That, however, neither characterizes the demonstrations as a whole nor exceeds the pejoratives that Jews sling at Poles, some of which I have already iterated (27). How ironic that quite a few lethal enemies of Jews have recommended repeating the same false story again and again as the most effective tool of propaganda.

Much of the rest of the interview is devoted to the condemnation of another kind of Polish protesters, those at the EHESS conference. Janicka at first describes them as a “group of mostly female Polish women “assembled around a priest from the Polish Catholic Mission in Paris” and making antisemitic remarks about the Talmud, calling participants “kikes” and “liars.” She complains about conference participants being “harassed, surrounded and questioned” by these protesters outside the building.

Other than omitting the vital number of a total between 24 (Polish sources) and 30 (French AFP news agency), and piling on unwarranted and easily debunked conjectures on the subject, I feel that Janicka is truthful in that description. I have read grossly misinformed “analyses” of the Talmud by both Polish and American antisemites, know the slurs and am well versed in other nonsense from that general stratum. In Poland, the antisemitic National Radical Camp (ONR) and the Falanga Catholic-Fascist movement are given to Nazi-style “heiling” in Brownshirts-like uniforms with no awareness of what those with the original Heil Hitler salute thought of and did to Poles.

But then, ONR/Falanga’s membership is estimated at 1,000–2,000 in a country of 38 million, while in America, The Turner Diaries, a book published in 1978 by William Luther Pierce and calling for the physical extermination of all Jews had sold 500,000 copies by the year 2000 (28) and since then, by Internet, hundreds of thousands more. To quote one other of many such examples, in Hungary, the explicitly antisemitic Jobbik party routinely gets 25% of the votes in elections while featuring such oddities as a speech by its representative in the Hungarian parliament, Zsolt Baráth, to “revise” the “not guilty” verdict of a Hungarian court in the Tiszaeszlár blood libel trial (29).

The context of this stupidity is that Baráth’s parliamentary address was in 2012, whereas the Hungarian court that acquitted the 15 Jews falsely accused of “drawing the blood” of Eszter Solymosi did so in 1883. The verdict was upheld by Hungary’s Supreme Court already in those “unprogressive” times, and Hungary’s greatest hero of the modern era, Lajos Kossuth, raised his “J’accuse” against the libelers then, just as Emile Zola would his in 1898 against the false accusers of Capt. Alfred Dreyfus.

Looking at the particular targeting of Poland, one may conclude that the ferociously committed prosecutors of Polish “antisemitism” must ask themselves, Why go after Hungary, a small hare, when there is a big, bleeding boar, Poland, encircled by baying, snapping hounds? And how much more so when there are billions of dollars to be extracted from the wounded boar under vaporous claims concerning intestate, heirless and unprovable “Jewish property” while the U.S. bought-and-paid-for Congress (30) can be mobilized to pin the boar down.

Even when true, such allegations of antisemitic insults or interference as in Janicka’s account are turned into a lie. In every instance the invariably “progressive” accusers adduce a small number of crude, prejudiced, racist outliers as though they represent the whole, whether the inciting phenomenon is two dozen outside a conference in Paris or a couple of hundred nationalists-fascists in a march of 60,000 Poles celebrating, with their children, their country’s independence (31). This is no different from the practice of real antisemites, who speak of the negative traits or influence of a minority of Jews as though that characterizes all Jews.

Moreover, it’s the “progressive” side—and there is no doubt which side these two interlocutors are on—that’s flinging death wishes, death threats and insults on the side that’s not buying “The Narrative.” One should only check publicly available archives of hate mail, hate cartoons, hate social media posts and death threats aimed at Donald Trump or anyone in his employ or White House team (32).

Janicka mentions the antisemitic phenomena in Poland before World War 2, truthfully again, but employed in the service of a lie. First, she omits, and Brent prefers not to probe, that even in pre-war times the ONR/Falanga group counted about 5,000 members and was despised and outlawed by the government of Józef Piłsudski. Second, fascist movements existed everywhere in pre-war Europe, many more violent and Jew-hating than in Poland, e.g. the Iron Guard in Romania, the Ustashe in Croatia or the Iron Cross in Hungary. Excerpting Poland from the historical context of the times and presenting this small Polish minority’s antisemitic violence as though it had a “strong socio-cultural legitimacy” of the Polish majority, and then interpolating this majority’s “considerable influence on the effectiveness of the extermination [of Jews]”—in Poland alone and without mentioning what conditions Germans imposed on the Poles themselves—is propaganda more than “scholarship.” Yet much of the interview consists of Janicka’s claims that it’s the other side that’s engaged in propaganda.

The blindness, the lack of awareness of the beam in one’s eye continue so blatantly that it’s comical. Multiple times, Janicka disparages the Polish Institute of Remembrance (IPN). In her version, IPN is not a respected research institution employing PhD’s at least as competent as she is but a tool of Polish government’s “alternative historiography and propaganda.”

As though her own work were not alternative historiography and propaganda propped on cherry-picked “research” in the service of the Polish sector of the distributed network of Cultural Marxism and Critical Theory, the whole intermeshing juggernaut working to abolish borders, nations, ethnic identities, cultures and the social capital—of the European peoples alone, and their diaspora. Moreover, propaganda financed in her case by the Polish taxpayer, with ample supplements from the well-financed international network devoted to the same goals.

After all, just a partial record of Poland-bashing, globetrotting lectures Janicka has delivered since 2018 includes one at the American University in Paris and another one at the University of Massachusetts—that one even broadcast by NPR Radio (33) which is a part of the same “progressive” distributed network except dissolving a different country, the Unite States (34). She delivered such a lecture at the EHESS in Paris in 2019, and in January 2020 she was presenting a series of lectures about “antisemitism in contemporary Poland” at the very YIVO Institute whose CEO is Jonathan Brent (35).

Try to get those international speaking invitations and remunerations, you IPN propagators of the disallowed counter-narrative!

To Janicka, an unidentified IPN booklet is “pseudoscientific.” It goes without saying that any part of the counter-narrative cannot be “scientific.” A “representative of the IPN strived and finally managed to seize the floor” even though “the organizers” had not invited IPN. And we are so devoted to free research and free speech, aren’t we?

What’s worse, Janicka complains, there was a female “non-invited representative” there working for a “Polish state institution devoted to equating Nazism with Communism.” Can you imagine such blasphemy? Daring to equate Nazism with Communism? Weren’t the 33 million victims of Nazi democide so much more important than the 94 million victims of Communist democide? (36)

It’s all a sorry comedy, but eventually the purpose emerges. The near-term goal showing at the end of Janicka argument is to expose the imputed “role of the non-Jewish majority in the structure of the crime.” It’s not a “German” crime, not even a “Nazi“ one. It’s a “crime,” and those obstinately non post-modern Poles had better own up to it. But even that is not the ultimate prize. The ultimate goal is to achieve “a fundamental reassessment that will lead to a rejection [in Poland] of the dominant ethnoreligious model of collective identity together with its founding myths and axiological assumptions.”

It’s the collective identity that the entire worldwide army of intersectional “progressive” deconstruction means to crush, whether in America or Canada, Holland, Poland or Romania. It’s that Sorosian “opening” of European peoples’ society, but applied in this instance to a key resistor to that “opening,” Poland.

From libel to craziness

What with his invitation by Collège de France, flaunted by Janicka, Dr. Jan Tomasz Gross was the shining star of the Parisian circus. While this is not the form to properly address his Holocaust revisionism, it should be noted that outside of that his work is largely devoted to blackening Poland’s name according to the talking points of that Soros-fertilized distributed network that seeks to abolish the Western peoples, their sovereignty, history and culture.

Gross’s “Eastern Europe’s Crisis of Shame” published in 2015 at the Soros and German-financed Project Syndicate is essentially a string of obloquy at the Eastern European peoples that refuse to do away with themselves via Muslim “migrants,” like Western Europe has. Gross sprinkles on them epithets such as “intolerant,” “illiberal” and “xenophobic,” and throws in for good measure accusations that the Poles killed more Jews than they did Germans during the war, and that they had little sympathy for Jewish Holocaust victims (37).

Another such far-out manifestation of hatred of the Polish identity and self-determination was in Gross’s New York Times op-ed “Poles Cry for ‘Pure Blood’ Again” in 2017 (38). That is now behind a paywall, but its preposterousness caught the sharp analytical eye of Steve Sailer who, as an Anglo-American writer and polymath—yes, he too—has no horse to run in this Gross v. Poland race.

“We learn that Polish resistance to the German chancellor’s demand for Muslim immigration into Poland isn’t really about Muslim immigration, because Poles are too stupid to know anything about Muslims,” wrote Sailer about Gross’s piece, “it’s really all about how those hateful Poles are bad for the Jews.” (39)

Commenting on Gross’s assertion that other than in reference to Vienna 1683 Poles have not given much thought to Islam, Sailer writes, “Those nativist Polish bigots should have let the diverse Mongols loot and burn Krakow for a third time in the 13th Century instead of just twice. The Mongols had their flaws, but at least they weren’t “Christians.

Gross’s “Pure Blood” attributes Poles’ rejection of Muslim “migration” to their “animus, which carries Polish nationalism into such an aggressively xenophobic articulation.” He locates its source in a “deep pool of ethnic-cum-religious hatred…indigenous to Poland and historically aimed at Jews.”

After more verbiage about Poland’s “deeply entrenched” antisemitism, Gross segues again to Polish crowds manifestations against the EU, UN, Soros and others’ campaign to inundate Poland too by Muslim “refugees.” And, as we all know, counter-narratives being forbidden, by allowing such opposition in public “Poland’s leaders have let an evil genie out of the bottle.” Which “represents a threat not only to liberal democracy in Poland but also to the stability and welfare of the European Union.” (40)

To which Sailer had this to say:

“You know, smart people like Professor Gross of Princeton wouldn’t be quite so artless in exposing their ethnic animosities if anybody less rich and less Jewish than Larry David were allowed to have a laugh at their expense. As I wrote in 2016: ‘When you think about it, isn’t the very idea of Polish voters daring to stand up to the German chancellor and deciding as a free people to not import anti-Semites downright Hitlerish?’” (41)

The great majority of the hateful reshaping of history, libel and obloquy rained on Poland originates from the Jewish-American community, or is at least financed by it. Some of the originators, e.g. retired ADL chief Abraham Foxman, now-deceased writer Jerzy Kosiński or Jan T. Gross himself walk[ed] the earth because Poles saved either their or their parents’ lives.

Because it emanates from America, where Jews have an enormous influence in all media, in the entertainment industry and in financing politicians and being politicians too—9 Senators out of 100 are Jewish, as are 27 members of the House of Representatives and two presidential candidates for 2020—the damage is enormous.

More than once, Poland has been made to understand either by US politicians or high-ranking officials that toeing the line on matters Jewish, as presented and demanded by Jews, is key to continuing American support. As the other side of the story is not relayed by U.S. media, and U.S. universities are no more friendly to such a counter-narrative as EHESS is in Paris, public opinion high and low follows the negative picture painted by Gross, Grabowski & Co on the one side, and ADL, AJC and various Jewish foundations and other institutions on the other.

Poland relies on its alliance with the U.S. and on its membership in NATO for defense against Russia’s endemic expansiveness and overt enmity of Vladimir Putin. It’s forced by Jewish enmity to act repeatedly against its national interest, weakening when it needs support the most—for it is dealing simultaneously with recovery from its own Holocaust—recovery delated by 45 years of Communism—as well as hostile pressure from Europe-destroying European Union and its tail that wags the dog, Germany, not to mention Putin’s intensive dezinformatsiya campaign.

But Jews hardly gain, either. Every time a Jan Gross “New History” maven or “mother’s milk antisemitism” Jew like Israel Katz opens his mouth, 50 new antisemites are born who weren’t before. Weakening Poland, leader of the V-4 group of naysayers to EU’s scheme of turning Europe into socialist Eurabia intensely hostile both to its Jews and to Israel, greatly diminishes the chances of success of this opposition.

Various writers and Jews both with public platforms and without, are waking up to the amazing sabotage of Jews’ and Israel’s future by those who purport to defend Jewish interests and safekeep the memory of the Holocaust.

Recently, Jonathan Tobin, editor-in-chief of the Jewish News Syndicate published “Holocaust politics is bad for the Jews” in Israel’s most popular daily, Israel Hayom (40). “Central Europe a much better place for Jews than Western Europe,” was the title of one article in 2018 (41). Daniel Pipes, historian of Islam and son of a Polish Jew, Polish patriot and American historian Richard Pipes wrote that given their persecution in Western Europe, Jews may find in Poland an attractive shelter (42). But why should Poland, for the second time in history, give shelter to a group whose political and cultural leadership turns into a fifth column?

It’s time to expose that “New Polish School of Holocaust Scholarship,” its players and abettors for the real work they do, and how damaging they are not just to Poland, but to the Jewish people they purport to defend.

© Max Denken 2020


(1) “Mother’s milk antisemitism” is a direct quote of Israel’s Foreign Minister Israel Katz in reference to Poles: “Polish Jewish leaders say Katz Holocaust comments ‘damage’ their community,” The Times of Israel, February 18, 2019, https://www.timesofisrael.com/polish-jewish-leaders-say-katz-holocaust-comments-damage-their-community/.
(2) A reminder that “deviant” is a statistical concept, not a value judgment. The “progressive” omerta against this word is part of the effort of “Defining deviancy down”—Senator Daniel P Moynihan’s coinage in the days when the Democratic Party still had many sane people in it—which in itself is part of the effort to explode the Western peoples and their civilization to smithereens.
(3) Wikipedia has the most comprehensive account in English, though demonstrating the same anti-Polish bias as the organizers, at “New Polish School of Holocaust Scholarship (conference),” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Polish_School_of_Holocaust_Scholarship_(conference).
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(16) The term “Holocaust Industry” was coined by Norman Finkelstein, a Jewish academic and son of Polish-Jewish Holocaust survivors—as this author is—in his eponymous book published in 2000. Finkelstein’s mother survived the Majdanek concentration camp that this author’s maternal grandparents did not.
(17) Among others, see “Legal Objections to Bills S. 447 and H.R.1226 submitted by the Polish-American constituency,” PoloniaInstitute.net, January 4, 2018, http://www.poloniainstitute.net/polonia-today/legal-objections-to-bills-s-447-and-h-r-1226/.
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(20) Disclosure: I am a one-generation-removed victim of the twin Holocausts; with reference to the Jewish one, several orders of magnitude more so than Dr. Brent or most any American Jew or amen corner goy like Dr. Janicka banging on the drums of “Polish complicity” and “Jewish property.” My mother, whose experiences in occupied Poland render such famous personal accounts of the Jewish Holocaust as Elie Weisel’s and Simon Wiesenthal’s read like a boot camp gone-bad, used to say whenever the Holocaust was discussed in her presence: “Without the Poles, not a single [Polish] Jew would have survived.” I cannot recall one word of dissent from any of her Jewish interlocutors, most of them survivors themselves, in five countries. But then, that was some decades before the Holocaust Industry really took off.
(21) For complex reasons, for 75 years now Poland has failed to defend effectively its wartime and post-war history in the international arena. Among others, while the expression “Żydokomuna” is often used too broadly by antisemites, it refers to a factual 1945–1953 reign by the ruling Stalinist triumvirate of Poland that included two Jews, Jakub Berman and Hilary Minc, aided by the terror apparatus of the Polish KGB (Ministry of Public Security etc.) whose de facto chief was Roman Romkowski (aka Menasze Grynszpan). Romkowski/Grynszpan presided over a vast network of surveillance, arrests, torture, sham trials and executions one third of whose chief operatives were Jews in a period when the Jewish population estimated at less than 50,000 constituted one fifth of one percent (0.19%) of Poland’s population of 24,800,000 (1950 data). Deeply researched literature on the Żydokomuna exists in Polish, but for reasons that are part “Poland’s failure” and part the resistance of the West’s ruling oligarchy to narratives that challenge its official Narrative, none exists in English except short, not always accurate references in the diaspora samizdat. Among the Polish authors who have written important books about this subject are Tadeusz Płużański, Dr. Piotr Gontarczyk, Dr. Krzysztof Szwagrzyk and Dr. Marek Jan Chodakiewicz.
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(26) ibid.
(27) An account of some of the slurs and insults that Jews have been slinging at Poles since Poland’s juridical attempt in 2018 to protect itself from widespread defamation is in this author’s “Bitter Tantrums and Buried History,” Unz.com, March 11, 2018, http://www.unz.com/article/bitter-tantrums-and-buried-history/. Given that the Brent-Janicka camp will undoubtedly impute “antisemitic” content in that article, it should be noted that half of the 620+ comments under it are a combat of words between the author and real antisemites who flock to that Jewish owned-and-operated website.
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(30) Senators Baldwin and Rubio, the primary movers behind US Senate’s S. 447, are both obliged heavily to Jewish donors. In the 2018 electoral cycle, Baldwin’s largest individual donors were Donald Sussman, Alex Soros and George Soros, with the leftist Jewish lobby J-Street third from the top of her largest institutional donors. Marco Rubio is widely referred to as a Sheldon Adelson client—and vice versa—with Adelson known as a major financier of U.S. Congress’ pro-Israel and pro-Jewish policies in America. Sources:
– “Tammy Baldwin’s Campaign Fueled by Out-of-State Donors,” Free Beacon, June 27, 2018, https://freebeacon.com/politics/tammy-baldwins-campaign-fueled-state-donors/.
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– Donald Trump on Rubio “Adelson’s little puppet” (Twitter, October 13, 2015); Guardian title, October 2015, “Marco Rubio leads race for donations from casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson.”
(31) One can see how different were the perceptions of that march by comparing its depictions by the international “progressive”—there is no other—press, e.g. the hysterical smears in Vanessa Gera, “Fascists to stage ‘world’s biggest’ far-right march in Warsaw on Polish Independence Day,” Independent online, November 10, 2017, https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/warsaw-fascist-far-right-nazi-march-warsaw-poland-independence-day-a8048561.html, versus the facts on the ground reported only in Poland or in small-reach samizdat in English, e.g. W. Julian Korab-Karpowicz, “Banners On The Independence March,” The Post Eagle, December 6, 2017, https://www.posteaglenewspaper.com/banners-on-the-independence-march/.
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(36) Professor Rudolph Joseph Rummel estimated in his Democide: Nazi Genocide and Mass Murder (Transaction Publishers, 1992, online at https://www.hawaii.edu/powerkills/NOTE3.HTM) that there were roughly 21 million victims of Nazi democide, not including combatants on both sides. However, Rummel reckons with a figure of 10.5 murdered Slavs in that total, whereas now, with more access to Russian sources, it can be posited that no fewer than 16 million non-combatant Russians alone were killed either directly by the Germans or as a result of their invasion of Russia. I therefore estimate that “Slav” figure at 23 million (details in my upcoming book), a number 12.5 million higher than Rummel’s, for a total number of victims at 33.5 million. The number of 94 million victims of communism is argued persuasively in Stéphane Courtois, Nicolas Werth, Andrzej Paczkowski et al., The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression, Mark Kramer and Jonathan Murphy trans., English edition Harvard University Press, 1999.
(37) The English version of “Eastern Europe’s Crisis of Shame” (Sep 13, 2015) is at Project Syndicate behind a wall, here: https://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/eastern-europe-refugee-crisis-xenophobia-by-jan-gross-2015-09?barrier=true. I based my analysis on the German version at Die Welt: http://www.welt.de/debatte/kommentare/article146355392/Die-Osteuropaeer-haben-kein-Schamgefuehl.html.
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(40) All citations of Jan T. Gross in this article are from verbatim quotes in Sailer, ibid.
(41) Sailer, ibid.
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Max Denken was born in Communist-occupied Poland to half-Jewish semi-survivors of the twin Holocausts, the rest of his family and everything they owned, gone. He quit academia in disgust before getting his PhD but after 10 years and four degrees in the soft “sciences” at elite, and already in the 60’s–70’s infected, universities. He is not a Holocaust scholar but witness to dozens of personal tales of the Holocausts (sic) and pre-war Poland from his parents and their friends. His book on the onslaught of the “progressive” West on Poland in the years 2015–2019 will be published later this year.

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