October 2, 2023
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Ottawa Ignores Fraudulent Activities of Professor Jan Grabowski

Jan Grabowski’s myth about 200,000 fugitive WWII Jews apparently killed by Poles has been repeated on so many occasions by mainstream media and politicians that people who are not familiar with Poland’s history take it at face value. The problem is that the number of 200,000 fugitive Jews supposedly killed by Poles during World War 2 has no historical basis. Borschel-Dan,the ‘Times of Israel’ journalist admitted frankly The citation of the number of Jews who died at the hands of Poles as 200,000 was attributed to Jewish-Polish historian Szymon Datner.

However, Datner’s findings are actually a complete reverse of what Grabowski sells to the media around the globe…

Full article [polishmediaissues.online]

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